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Saturday, November 6, 2010

I miss the old days. Tie Fighter, where have you gone?

This message is coming to you directly from Dagobah.  I figured I would take a minute to muse about times past.  To the sweet joy of piloting one of the world's most infamous aircraft.  The Tie Fighter.  I know you remember.  If you don't, then I have nothing more to say to you.  The experience of flying a variety of different fighters, all Tie, and hunting down Rebel Scum throughout the galaxy.  It felt so wrong, but so right.  Like the first time you fapped.  What happened to these games?  Gaming technology has only gotten better, but in the improvements something has been lost.  When technology wasn't what it is, games needed to try harder.  They needed a solid foundation, something special.  Not just amazing graphics and sound.  It was about story.  About characters.  About gameplay.  That is what I miss.  Not that it isn't out there, because on some occasions it is, but not like it used to be.  I don't know about you, but I want it back.  I want to fly along Darth Vader and slaughter X-Wings, A-Wings, Y-Wings, B-Wings, all of them.  I want to feel the combat of the old magic that used to define PC gaming.  I want it to feel like I'm fapping for the first time all over again and I know you do too.

This has been a message relay from Dagobah.