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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fap, yeah!!! Dragon Age 2 is my new girlfriend!!!!

This message is coming directly from Dagobah. I sat down today and spent some quality time with the "Dragon Age II" demo. Holy Skywalker's panties I fapped. After, not during, but that is beside the point. I will not tell you a lie about that. It was amazing! A short, but adequate glimpse of what is going to come, Dragon Age II looks to be exactly what I was hoping for and more! Hot chicks, dragons and slaughtering the crap out of filthy enemies. Who doesn't want all of those things in their life? Crazy people, that's who. Not to mention, the hot rogue chick more than implied that she would provide me ample opportunity to copulate with her. I know! Do the beast with two backs with a hot rogue chick! It's like my dreams are becoming real by the minute. Mind you the gameplay is different. It took a second to get used to, but I think it's going to pan out into a sequel that doesn't play like sequels. It's a beast of its own and a beautiful, cleavage clad beast it is. A story of an outcast that rises up to become a champion. Sound familiar? If you're anything like me, I know it does. One day you're a kind of small, handsome (in an intelligent warrior of the gaming realm sort of way) fantasy loving individual that for whatever reason in their ignorance the chicks of this day and age just don't get; then out of nowhere you are a champion. This game may as well be my biography. In a very non-literal sort of way. Forget trying to impress the girls out there. My time will be amply filled with this game for a good while. And oh, did I mention the hot rogue chick I'm going to have the sex with? This message has come to you directly from Dagobah.

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